Leave an anonymous, a postponed, with a hint or a message in a bottle, to the world or to people you know and wish to hear from. ILYAM will keep it floating on its clouds locked till your party retrieves it... then notifies you!
MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE allows leaving messages in ILYAM's clouds, either addressed to the world or to someone special.
LOCKED MESSAGE can only be opened once the recipient correctly entered the right answer to the clue you left behind.
ANONYMOUS SENDER allows to send messages and entertain the mystery about who you are.
ARE YOU THINKING OF ME? Allows your message to be read only once your recipient correctly identified you as the sender.
POSTPONED DELIVERIES will have your message delivered at a Specific future date.
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Edit/Delete your message while its awaiting to be opened. Select the auto-delete option to have a self deleting message.
Leave Messages - Postpone DeliveriesMaintain Mysteries - BeCreative - Stay Anonymous !
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